Five day Training program on in-situ crop residue management by KVK Jalandhar (Nurmahal) at Village Rupowal, Jalandhar

KVK Jalandhar is conducting a training course of 5 day from 17 to 21 October, 2022 at adopted village Rupowal. In this ongoing training farmers from adopted villages Rupowal, Nagra, Mehsampur are participating. In this training programme Dr Sanjeev Kataria detailed the farmers about benefits of in-situ management of paddy straw and benefits involved under the project to the farmers. He gave tips about effective control of insect pests in crops sown in paddy straw managed fields. Er Rupinder Chandel made the farmers aware about various in-situ paddy straw management machineries like Super SMS, Happy Seeder, Smart Seeder, Mulcher, Reversible mould board plough etc. He told farmers about various operational tips for these machines for better germination and growth of wheat crop and also encouraged farmers to adopted CHC (custom hiring centre) model at village level for these machines. Dr. Balvir Kaur emphasized farmers for use of paddy straw in mushroom cultivation and enhancing their income. Dr. Ritu Raj detailed the farmers about methodology of accurate seed treatment. She told farmers about its importance while in-situ sowing of wheat crop and control of various diseases in wheat and other rabi crops. Dr. Opinder Sandhu explained farmers about soil sampling and benefits of soil testing for judicious use of fertilizers. He urged farmers for in-situ management of crop residue for maintaining soil health and sustainability in agriculture. Dr Baljeet Kaur told farmers about benefits of in-situ sowing, in tackling climate change and terminal heat effect on wheat crop.

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